Kurt Vile "Albuquerque" (Neil Young cover) / "Snowflakes Are Dancing" (live on 'RocKwiz')

Kurt Vile 'Albuquerque' (Neil Young cover) / 'Snowflakes Are Dancing' (live on 'RocKwiz')
Philly songwriter Kurt Vile makes no attempt to disguise his classic rock influences, and he paid tribute to Neil Young this week when appearing on the Australian music trivia show RocKwiz.

Accompanied by fellow guest Phoebe Baker from the Aussie pop band Alpine, Vile handled acoustic guitar on this fairly faithful full-band rendition of "Albuquerque" from 1975's Tonight's the Night. Vile sings lead during the first part of the song, but some later parts are handed off to Baker.

On the same program, Vile played the Wakin on a Pretty Daze cut "Snowflakes Are Dancing." Watch both performances below.