Minimum Maximum

BY Marinko JarebPublished Aug 1, 2005

With nearly a 40-year history and a sound that’s as futuristic today as it was in the late ’60s when they first started performing electronic music within the German art scene, Kraftwerk’s latest is a compilation of live performances from their 2004 world tour. Don’t call it a comeback, these guys have been here for years, influencing countless musicians around the globe with their pioneering electro sound, so there is nothing new here — simply classic Kraftwerk "hits” played live. A few of the tracks get tweaked a little and there is the obligatory crowd noise that comes to a fever pitch on "Dentaku” in Tokyo where the crowd sings along, but there aren’t any huge surprises here. With nearly all the classic Kraftwerk tracks contained on two discs, this is a solid introduction to the future robot sound and an enjoyable listen for fans of the original sprockets.

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