Konono N°1 Team Up with Batida for New 'Congotronics' Release

Konono N°1 Team Up with Batida for New 'Congotronics' Release
Gleeful Congolese rhythm makers Konono N°1 are back for another Congotronics instalment, this time teaming up with Portugal-based producer Batida. Their tellingly titled Konono Meets Batida drops April 29 through Crammed Discs.

A press release explains that the Kinshasa, DRC-based Konono N°1 travelled out to Batida's garage studio out in Lisbon to cut some tracks. The eight-song release is said to merge the more organic, thumb piano-and-percussion approach of the outfit with the producer's more digitally beat-driven electronic work. This was a treat for Batida, who had long been a fan of Konono N°1's sound.

"I remember mixing Konono tunes with beats on my first broadcasts back in 2007," he said in a statement. "On my first album [2009's Dance Mwangolé] , the track 'Tribalismo' was definitely inspired by K1's sound, and at my concerts, I had my own kalimba going through a Big Muff pedal, linked to an amp, looking for a similar K1 effect."

In addition to the marquee artists, other musicians involved in the sessions include Lisbon Afro-fusion artist Papa Juju, vocalist Selma Uamusse and slam poet MC AF Diaphra. The record was produced by Batida and Crammed Discs' Vincent Kenis.

You'll find a tracklisting for the LP, and album trailer, and an edit of opening number "Nlele Kalusimbiko" down below.

Sadly, this is the first Konono N°1 release since the 2015 death of founding member Mingiedi Mawangu. His son, Augustin, leads the band in its current form.

Konono Meets Batida:

1. Nlele Kalusimbiko
2. Yambadi Mama
3. Tokolanda
4. Bom Dia
5. Kinsumba
6. Nzonzing Família
7. Kuna America
8. Um Nzonzing