Konono N°1 Announce New Album, Collaborate with Herbie Hancock

Konono N°1 Announce New Album, Collaborate with Herbie Hancock
Earlier this month, we reported that Congolese street performers Konono N°1 would be dropping a new album in 2010. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait long for more information, as we now have the album title, release date and a bevy of other information to report.

The new album is called Assume Crash Position, which is a rough English translation of the word "Konono." According to a press release, the album "sees their trademark thrilling junkyard sonics and relentlessly hypnotic percussive grooves (as created using thumb pianos and drums made from scrap metal and disused car parts) further elevated with electric guitars and bass - played by neighbourhood musicians from a young Konono covers band!"

Assume Crash Position will be out on June 8 via Crammed Discs. The release will be followed by a full North American tour in July.

Along with the new album, Konono N°1 collaborated with Jeff Beck, Oumou Sangare and Lionel Louke for a track called "Imagine" on jazz legend Herbie Hancock's ambitious new album, The Imagine Project. That album will be released on June 22.

Assume Crash Position:

1. "Wumbanzanga"
2. "Thin Legs"
3. "Mama Na Bana"
4. "Makembe"
5. "Fula Fula"
6. "Guiyome"
7. "Konono Wa Wa Wa"
8. "Nakobala Lisusu Te"