Kodo Kodo One Earth Tour Special

The Kodo group hails from the island of Sado, where they dedicate their time to the physical and mental training required to play various Taiko drums, cymbals, pan flutes and more. Kodo One takes place entirely on one stage in Tokyo and it's divided into 11 acts and an encore. The early numbers feature extremely supple men in loincloth-type costumes beating massive drums with baton-style sticks. Their fierce concentration and sharp symmetry make you wonder whether the men are playing the drums or are the drums commanding them to be beaten? In "Okesa," some of Kodo's female members bring poetic movement, alluring masks and smaller drums to the stage, changing the energy to something more intricate and refined. Kodo's director could have played with notions of femininity and masculinity to add more depth to an already stunning production. (Sony Music)