Knucklehead Voice Among Us

With a swig of whiskey and a punk rock battle cry, Knucklehead are soon to be the undisputed Canadian punk rock champions. Voice Among Us, the band’s third full-length release, oozes with glorious sing-along, Shane MacGowen-esque vocals and pounding rhythms. While Knucklehead’s music serves up an unforgettable dosage of raw melodic punk, the lyrics dish up some intelligent commentary on the class struggle, empty North American socialisation, avarice, political corruption, fascist right-wing conservatism and a variety of other insightful elements. Voice Among Us is the perfect harmonisation of good ole punk rock music and politics. Hopefully more people will bear witness to the testimony of Knucklehead, as their pogo-inducing gospel is better than any heard in a real long time. (Whiskey Voice)