Calgary's Territories Hit the Open Road in "Quit This City" Video

The song appears on their new 10-inch 'When the Day Is Done'

BY Josiah HughesPublished May 29, 2020

Having already build a decades-long bond as members of Knucklehead, Calgary's Territories came out fully formed when they released their debut album in 2018. The band are set to return with a new 10-inch EP this year, and to celebrate Exclaim! has premiered the video for their song "Quit This City."

Opening with a lengthy section of just singing and guitar, the song is at once timeless and nostalgic before kicking into a fist-pumping singalong. It helps that it's accompanied by a grainy music video from director Heather Saitz.

"This is a love song about focusing on what matters most, while the world feels upside down," drummer Eric Jablonski said.

Watch the video for "Quit This City" below. The song will appear on the band's upcoming EP When the Day Is Done, which was produced by Jesse Gander and is now available to pre-order via Pirates Press Records.

When the Day Is Done:

1. Second Son
2. Defender
3. SOS
4. The Lockdown
5. Welcome Home
6. Quit This City

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