The Knife "För Alla Namn Vi Inte Får Använda" (video)

The Knife 'För Alla Namn Vi Inte Får Använda' (video)
In addition to the Knife's upcoming Shaken Up Versions, the experimental electronic outfit are getting ready to premiere a "anti national cabaret" project called Europa Europa. The first performance takes place July 1 in Visby, Sweden, but you can check out the show's "För Alla Namn Vi Inte Får Använda" in a new video.

The track finds Karin Dreijer Andersson familiar vocals running atop a laid-back but danceable beat and minimalist synth squiggles, while rows of dancers perform some ground-bound stretches and a series of intricate moves choreographer Dom Dugliga dubs the "Political Macarena."

The show is based on migration politics, and Europa Europa issued the following statement behind "För Alla Namn Vi Inte Får Använda":

Praise all those hundreds of thousands of people who defy the cameras, the deadly waters, the barbed wire, the violence and the compact political resistance, and make it across the external and internal borders of Europe every year.