Cheers to KMFDM for once again providing us with over 50 minutes of minor key mayhem. As usual, KMFDM employs their mix of driving power chords, stompy industrial beats and the mention of their own name in at least one song. Overall, they’re not doing much we haven’t heard from them before, but it’s their signature sound that makes us love them so much anyway, isn’t it? They are still tops in the programming department; just as you’re getting into a comfortable place with it, they throw in new blips, bleeps and screwed up sounds to keep you wanting to hear what comes next. There are a few Marilyn Manson vocal moments, one of which is during "Save Me,” a power ballad-type high point of the disc. Lucia Ciffarelli once again contributes her smooth, Curve-like vocals, which are also given the spotlight on "Superhero,” a nice recess from the other ten tracks. Rob Zombie fans will find a home here with the "Skurk,” a catchy, "Dragula”-inspired number with over-the-top percussion and rabid vocal effects; "I feed my anger with the fucking bullshit that you preach/I bleed forever and not a thing you do can comfort me,” they scream in their typical tense fashion. Dark and catchy, with at least a few good boot-tappers, don’t let your friendly neighbourhood DJ leave home without this one. (Metropolis)