Klaxons Plot Free EP for Christmas Day

Klaxons Plot Free EP for Christmas Day
Christmas weekend is beginning to look like a busy time for fans of free music. Damon Albarn will have you skipping out on family time to download the new (and possibly last) Gorillaz album, and now Klaxons are adding to the distractions with a five-song EP.

As NME reports, Landmarks of Lunacy features the band's earliest recordings for sophomore album Surfing the Void. The band announced the EP with the following statement:

There are periods of time that we have spent together as a band that the only suitable word that comes close to describing them is "magical." The three nocturnal weeks spent at Black Box studio in 2008 under the loving guidance of James Ford was undeniably the point where the magic was peaking.

Landmarks of Lunacy will be unveiled on Klaxons' website and will be available for the price of free.

Landmarks of Lunacy EP:

 1. "The Pale Blue Dot"

2. "Silver Forest"

3. "Ivy Leaves"

4. "Wildeflowers"

5. "Marble Fields"

Klaxons 'Twin Flames' from Trim Editing on Vimeo.