Klaxons Detail 'Love Frequency,' Share "Atom to Atom"

Klaxons Detail 'Love Frequency,' Share 'Atom to Atom'
Though they announced it quite a while ago, UK dance pop crew Klaxons have kept relatively mum about the details for their upcoming new album Love Frequency. Today, they've finally shared some more details.

The album will feature 11 new songs from the band, and a press release promises that it sees them going further down the dance music rabbit hole by "blending the euphoria of today's dance scene with the aesthetics, experimentation and instrumentation of post-punk."

Love Frequency's cover, available above, showcases Klaxons' logo in the form of a pill, playing into the nü rave stereotypes nicely.

The band have also shared a new song called "Atom to Atom," which, to be fair, sounds an awful lot like a dance pop song for the first half. Then, towards the end, it ramps up the rave factor with a blissed-out climax.

Love Frequency arrives on June 2 via Akashic Records.

Love Frequency:

1. A New Reality
2. There Is No Other Time
3. Show Me A Miracle
4. Out Of The Dark
5. Children Of The Sun
6. Invisible Forces
7. Rhythm Of Life
8. Liquid Light
9. The Dreamers
10. Atom To Atom
11. Love Frequency