Kitchens and Bathrooms Utter A Sound

Hamilton's Kitchens and Bathrooms couldn't have released Utter A Sound at a better time. With a recent surge of interest in math rock around Southern Ontario, the trio looks to be on the cusp of some very significant success. They've got just enough smarts to appeal to the college boy set and just enough bite to maintain credibility among hard rockers; a precarious-sounding combination they've somehow pulled off with ease. Fiercely executed and astutely timed numbers like "Fetching Farewells" and "James Wood" may be the record's crowning achievements, but the remaining tracks never drag too far behind. A record that makes their 2000 independent debut seem like child's play, Utter A Sound is a very promising sign of things to come from their newfound partnership with Sonic Unyon. Kitchens and Bathrooms, get ready to catch on. (Sonic Unyon)