Kiran Ahluwalia

7 Billion

BY Ryan B. PatrickPublished May 7, 2018

Toronto-based Kiran Ahluwalia has been honing her craft; with each successive project, her blend of Indian, Malian melodies and contemporary blues and rock sounds more textured. 7 Billion marks her seventh album and it's a brief affair, with only six tracks to cement its spiritual and musical orthodoxy.
But Ahluwalia covers a lot of ground within the runtime: "Saat" embodies the album's universality, with its stance of tolerance and understanding for all seven billion residents on the third rock from the sun; "Khafa" unfolds in layers, its rock-oriented flair underscored by a driving organ and percussive flow; "Kuch Aur" dabbles in a bit of boom bap that serves as foundation for a sensual groove.
Closing song "We Sinful Women," which highlights female Urdu poets to shine a light on repression and abuse in both physical and emotional form, is the album's clear standout. Ahluwalia at this point in her career has a solid grasp of her musical mandate — it's one that she champions loud and clear.
(Six Degrees)

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