King Princess's New "Let Us Die" Video Is Dedicated to Taylor Hawkins

Hawkins played drums on the 'Hold on Baby' track

BY Kaelen BellPublished Jul 29, 2022

King Princess was one of several artists burdened with releasing their album on the same day as Beyoncé — her sophomore full-length Hold on Baby dropped last night — and today sees her release a new video for album track "Let Us Die," which features drums from late, great Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins.

A title card that closes out the Quinn Wilson-directed video reads "IN LOVING MEMORY OF HAWKINS, ROCK N ROLL LIVES FOREVER."

Hawkins died in March of this year after experiencing chest pains at a hotel in Bogotá, Colombia. In the months since, thousands of tributes have poured in from fans and fellow artists, including tribute concerts and various performances

Check out the video for "Let Us Die," plus an Instagram post from King Princess about Hawkins' contributions to the song, below. 


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