King Princess, Whose Ancestors Died on the Titanic, Weighs In on the "Cycle of Bajonga-Jillionaires Wanting to Explore Shit and Then Dying"

Mikaela Strauss shares great-great-grandparents with the wife of Stockton Rush, one of the men trapped inside the Titan submersible

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BY Kaelen BellPublished Jun 22, 2023

Unless your life is Twitter-free and/or you don't keep up with the 24/7 cable news cycle — in which case, God bless ya — you've probably heard more than necessary about the billionaire-backed submersible sea vessel that went down to explore the Titanic's wreckage and subsequently disappeared. 

The five men on board (including, very sadly, a 19-year-old) have likely died, as the submarine's limited oxygen supply is estimated to have run out as of this morning — and that's assuming the vessel hadn't already imploded days ago. It's a very fucked up story! 

And, as with most fucked up stories, people have been talking about it like crazy, including some pop stars. Cardi B has already said some choice words to the son of one of the men on board, who seems to be leveraging his stepdad's near-certain death for some internet notoriety, and now King Princess has weighed in on the situation. 

King Princess (otherwise known as Mikaela Strauss) infamously comes from a very wealthy family, and has a surprisingly close personal connection to the sea vessel saga — her great-great-grandparents, Macy's co-founder Isodor Straus and his wife Ida, died on the Titanic (they were even portrayed in the movie) and, get this, are also the great-great-grandparents of Wendy Rush, wife of OceanGate chief executive Stockton Rush, one of the men trapped inside the sub. This story is officially rivalling the Sally Rooney/Phoebe Bridgers/Taylor Swift roadmap for insane celebrity crossover. 

"I think there is a cycle of bajonga-jillionaires wanting to explore shit and then dying," Straus said in a TikTok about the sub story. She continued:

Like, look at my fucking family, right? Who wants to take a boat across the ocean? That sounds terrible. But they did it because they had the money to, and they died. So now these people are like, "Oh, I have so much money, oh my god, I just want to go to the inhabitable depths of the ocean, in a GameCube?" No. Dead! Sorry.

Oh! And rich people are not exempt from making really stupid decisions, obviously. Why do rich people go to space? You don't need to be there. You're not a fuckin' scientist. Because they make terrible decisions, constantly. I hate this world.

One more thing: The sheer irony of these billionaires going down to visit the gravesite of other billionaires — amongst other people who were on the Titanic, there weren't just billionaires — and then dying, is so crazy to me. Anybody else feel this way?

See the whole thing below.
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