King Krule "Neptune Estate" (remix ft. Lucki Eck$ & Wiki)

King Krule 'Neptune Estate' (remix ft. Lucki Eck$ & Wiki)
"I wanna be used." It's a sad and honest admission from King Krule on his 6 Feet Beneath the Moon track "Neptune Estate," but the line takes on a different meaning now as a pair of rappers have jumped onto the track's hypnagogic and nocturnal backbeat for a new remix.

The track is still delivered with original half-sung musings from King Krule, but guesting on the electric piano-driven beat are Chicago spitter Lucki Eck$ and Ratking member Wiki. The former blasts off about sports, running away from the cops while wearing track shorts, and trying to keep his head screwed on right. Wiki's closing verse offers life advice and an NBA history lesson via bars about Blake Griffin and Scottie Pippen.

You can check out a radio rip of the revamped "Neptune Estate," which was premiered by Jamie xx on BBC Radio, down below.