King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard Ready New Album 'L.W.'

A new 10-track record from the band arrives in February

Photo: Jamie Wdziekonski

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jan 15, 2021

After closing out 2020 with a trio of releases, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard appear to readying a follow-up to November's K.G. — fittingly titled L.W..

A vinyl pre-order page from American audio dealers Elusive Disc points to the 10-track L.W. arriving independently on February 26 on "recycled black" wax.

Eagle-eyed King Gizz listeners had wondered if an L.W. album was in the works months ago, after spotting the title amongst the band's discography on the back of a T-shirt.

An abstract on the pre-order page reads, "Serving as both a standalone work and a companion piece to 2020 predecessor K.G., L.W. sees the Melbourne-based innovators produce a truly original album. As the band enter their second decade, the creative future of this most 21st century of outfits only promises to be bolder, madder and more imaginative than ever."

Following the November arrival of K.G. and Live in S.F. '16, King Gizzard shared the 10-track Teenage Gizzard on December 24 and once again gave followers the option of bootlegging the release themselves — a practice they began with 2017's Polygondwanaland.


1. If Not Now, Then When?
2. O.N.E.
3. Pleura
4. Supreme Ascendancy
5. Static Electricity
6. East West Link
8. Ataraxia
9. See Me
10. K.G.L.W.

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