King Cobb Steelie

The Starlight Social Club, Waterloo ON — November 11, 2004

BY Janine TomsPublished Dec 1, 2004

The band was coming off of a month-long tour through the Northern provinces and not a seat was left for the all-ages show in Waterloo. For 15 years the Guelph natives have been pushing their musical tastes. Returning to their jam-band roots on their fifth album, Destroy All Codes, the now Toronto-based group swept the oblivious crowd into a surging sway. Everyone was on their feet as hypnotic notes sprang from the effects pedals of Geoff Walton, who was playing off the melody from Kevan Byrne's guitar. Stretching each song to its seams, the music flowed between old and new tracks. Percussion for the night was well taken care of. The styling of drummer Sam Cino kept the grooves tight. Bongos, congas, triangle and most anything Robyn Easton could get his hands on gave texture and diversity to the music, while transient beats were looped in with an electronic drum pad. The perfect balance was created between music sampling and the fortitude of this five-piece band. By far the biggest bout of energy came from bassist Kevin Lynn, who quaked incessantly, caught up in the music's rhythm. There's something to be said for the satisfaction from an evening spent in the company of great live music.

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