Kinder Atom Mmm!

Roll up the carpets, and make yourselves a nice little dance floor, because you won't be standing still to this one. Toronto's Kinder Atom manage to sound like three bands in one as they slip, slide and romp through sexy and sophisticated grooves, bangin' elec-techno, and chilled ambient excursions. Kinder Atom's sound has, in fact, solidified with Mmm!, their third full-length since 1995. They have a uniquely warm and organic touch no matter what direction they point their sequencers and keyboards in. "Chic" is some sleek, orchestral next shit; a slice of aptly titled tech-house, it's deep, dubby dance floor material with full on beats and melodic chords. "Slinky" and "Left Leg" take it harder while highlighting the Kinder love for electro. The sound is quirky and playful, with "Left Leg" in particular hamming it up, twisting, turning and coming out on top. The title track is a super-fine example of how jazzy and rolling drum & bass sounds can come together wonderfully. "Mmm!' is bouncy and beautiful with a bite, featuring lush, layered instrumentation, spot-on programming, and sensual, hooky vocals. "Ladies" shows yet another side to the Atom, playing it up to the max as a not-so-straight forward, funkdafied chunk of four on da floor. Here, filtered disco percussion meets strong diva vocals and guitars. Keep your eyes peeled for the accompanying twelve-inch, titled reMMMixes, which features two mixes of "Ladies" created by jazz-house producers Directions. Their gorgeous, hypnotic and hooky "soft mix" shuffles and sways while the Rhodes lead the way. (Nice & Smooth)