Kind of Like Spitting "Bullied By a Bee"

Kind of Like Spitting 'Bullied By a Bee'
Reunited emo-rock act Kind of Like Spitting haven't issued a full-length on their own in close to ten years, but the band are getting ready to deliver a split LP with Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers. "Bullied By a Bee" is the first preview of Kind of Like Spitting's portion, and it finds them stinging speakers a little louder than usual.

Ben Barnett and co go wild on the cut, with the distorted pop tune weaving together Pinkerton-era Weezer melodies and the slightly more stoned-out, callous-building '70s rock groove of James Gang's "Funk 49." The track plays more to the rockin' side of Kind of Like Spitting than the dulcet acoustic tones of some of their work.

You'll find the song in the stream down below, while the split effort, titled It's Always Nice to See You, arrives February 3 through Topshelf Records.