Surrender Your Soul

BY Kassandra GuagliardiPublished Mar 8, 2018

Since his 2017 viral sensation "Killamonjaro," Toronto artist Killy has been pushing the needle of independent success stories, finally releasing his anticipated debut, Surrender Your Soul. Free from a label, distribution deal and without any flashy co-signs, Killy wants you to know that he's definitely not an industry plant.
"I passed on million dollar offers so I could give y'all this project exactly how I envisioned it ..." Killy tweets about the release of SYS, a project that is a mere 25 minutes in length, but still manages to pack a healthy punch. High traffic singles "Distance" and "Killamonjaro" were dropped ahead of the album's release and continue to carry the most weight, with their distinctly catchy beats and haunting lyrics. The screeching "No Sad No Bad" provides a kaleidoscopic journey for the ears, while the Wondagurl- and Y2K-produced "Doomsday" opens up a different kind of feel with moody guitar chords and a sombre, almost heavy metal vibe.
There's no doubt that Killy is a vessel for raw, hypnotic talent with a come-up story that is both cryptic and impressive. Surrender Your Soul is an exciting and unpredictable venture into the mind of Killy that will hit listeners hard and leave fans wanting more.
Perhaps the most interesting thing about him will be to see how the 20-year-old stands up as a new industry contender. After gaining a lot of well-deserved attention, will Killy continue to pump out viral hits while remaining an independent artist? Or is a major label deal that could push him the forefront of the music scene but compromise his art be in his near future? Only time will tell.

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