Kid Koala Explains His 'Great Gatsby' Connection

Kid Koala Explains His 'Great Gatsby' Connection
While artists such as Jay-Z, Beyoncé, the XX and Jack White have received heaps of attention for their contributions to the upcoming The Great Gatsby soundtrack, Kid Koala hasn't been so fortunate. But as the soundtrack's release date edges up on us, the Canadian turntable master born Eric San shed some light on his musical contributions to Baz Luhrmann's latest cinematic epic.

Speaking to Exclaim!, San explains that he worked with elements in the film and certain cues to score scenes. Plus he did a remix on the soundtrack as well.

But when asked if he spoke to the soundtrack's executive producer, Jay-Z, San says, "I did not. I got into it through Baz Luhrmann."

Apparently the director, who'd never met the Montreal DJ before, attended Kid Koala's "Vinyl Vaudeville" show in Los Angeles on his 12 Bit Blues tour and enjoyed what he heard.

"The weirdest thing was, two days after that show, I got this email from Baz Luhrmann on my phone," the still baffled San recalls. "I was like, 'What?! What's going on?!' He said, 'I really enjoyed the show. We're working on this project for Gatsby,' and I was like, 'Yeah, I know.' And he said 'It'd be great to have you involved.' So yeah, I got a couple of tracks."

The Great Gatsby soundtrack is due out on May 7 through Interscope, with the deluxe vinyl release handled by Third Man Records. The film itself hits screens May 10.

"We're going to New York for the premiere and apparently you have to dress like you're in the 1920s, and I don't have anything," San says, while swimming in an oversized hoodie. "We'll see. It's gonna be fun and I'll be going to Cannes as well, the week after that."

Kid Koala is on tour now, and will hit Toronto's Luminato Festival in June. For all of his upcoming dates, click here. Watch Kid Koala on Exclaim! TV below.