Khanate No Joy (remix)/Dead

Doom quartet Khanate, which features former OLD members James Plotkin and Alan Dubin along with Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley is one of the slowest, most plodding doom bands currently in the scene. This is a two-song 12-inch by the quartet, featuring a remix of "No Joy” off their last album on the A side and a new song, "Dead,” on the flip. I haven't heard the original version of "No Joy” so I can't comment on the differences although I can say this is a difficult piece to listen to. The B side is tortured, apocalyptical doom that Burning Witch fans will absolutely love. Five years ago I would have thought this was the shit. Today, it just sounds like something I would have loved five years ago. Is it good? Absolutely. Will I ever listen to it again? Probably not. Next. (Load)