Kevorkian Death Cycle A+O[m]

KDC are much more suited to creating ass-shaking electro beats than the dour ones that accompanied their previous album, Dark Skies — the differences between the two albums are extraordinary. Their improved programming skills are highlighted immediately with instrumental opener, “How to Nuke Heaven.” Hints of KMFDM (“Death to the Flesh”) and ’80s new wave can be tasted on “Pulse” and to a greater extent on “Sci-Fi.” For this last one, the band have crafted a song that is futuristic by building on synth driven rhythms that were first used during the hedonistic new wave ’80s. They let their influences and creative energy take control of them with a smashing cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax.” A relaxed KDC are more enjoyable than the intense aggressive band that wanted to get their political message across in Dark Skies. (Metropolis)