Keller Williams Home

Influences don’t always matter. There are a lot of bands that have overcome an affinity for anything from Bread to Jethro Tull and still made good music. That theory only goes so far though and Keller Williams may have tapped it out with his bounding mixture of early Dave Matthews and the Seinfeld theme song. The tracks on Home are well performed, but in a manic, Tim Reynolds after a weekend of raw eggs and caffeine pills way. Because of this, the songs never really feel infused with all that much emotion. Another issue with the album is Williams’s penchant towards crazy-funny lyrics. His song’s topics range from war with aliens to love handles and the lyrics are just about as crazy therefore funny as that sounds. This, along with other gags like gas expulsion being used as a rhythm instrument (an idea better in theory than practice) really sucks the life out of the rest the album. The result is a simply a novelty album low on both humour and charm. (True North)