Keiser.Velten Showdown

Fans of Kruder and Dorfmeister will fall head over ears in love with two of the latest offerings from the duo's label. Oliver Keiser and Thomas Velten are definitely K&D soul mates, but go heavier on the dub and the tempo changes. Their production and drum sounds are super crisp, with the title piece being a knockout; here the duo build from jazzy bass lines, paired with minimalist keys and percussion, and burst wide open into a kickin' slab of grooviness. Definitely slammin', sleek and dance floor friendly — adventurous DJs only need apply. "Session '77" ups the tempo and fanciful funk quotient bringing in da flute, disco bumps and riffs, swirling strings and full-on organ; think mid-’70s Billy Preston meets late-’90s disco-house. K&V's love of dub is apparent throughout, but the slow skanking of "Dubolution" is a knockout — the track moves and flows like a Slinky gliding down stairs. (G-Stone)