Kaytranada Scène Piknic Électronik, Montreal QC, July 30

Kaytranada Scène Piknic Électronik, Montreal QC, July 30
Photo: Rick Clifford

Walking onto the tightly packed grounds at the Piknic setup, it became increasingly clear that homegrown hero Kaytranada could have benefitted from a much, much bigger stage. As girls danced on top of garbage cans and rogue concertgoers decided to climb trees to both show off and escape the fray, the crowds standing in the mud were pressed against each other tight, each sweating onto the next— unintentionally (and sometimes intentionally) grinding onto each other as the man born Louis Celestin moved through an expertly curated set of his newest, and biggest hits.
Working his way through his debut LP 99.9% with ease, Celestin carried the composure of a seasoned pro — his confidence emanated from behind his elaborate lightshow setup. And while Kaytranada has reached international DJ/producer stardom, his blend of vintage house, hip-hop and soul speaks to his excellent taste and undeniable talent.
Ending his set with a Janet Jackson remix from three years ago, Celestin proved to the Osheaga crowd just how spectacular a Montreal-bred boy could be.