Kayo Dot Reveal 'Coffins on Io'

Kayo Dot Reveal 'Coffins on Io'
Experimental prog crew Kayo Dot have revealed plans to trim down the weirdness of last year's double-album oddity Hubardo, at least volume wise, with a single-disc set titled Coffins on Io. The record is set to drop October 16 via Flenser Records.

  A press release notes that bandleader Toby Driver has once again steered the Boston group into a new direction, complementing prog and metal influences with an added "emphasis on vocal melody and electronic percussion." Touchstones this time around include Type O Negative, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, goth rockers Sisters of Mercy and contemporary dark wave unit Cold Cave.

"Spirit Photography" is said to weigh in with gentle saxophone melodies, while elsewhere the group apparently flirt with dark wave textures on "Off-ramp Cycle." Lyrically, the set features "a weird underlying theme of murder, shame and death," according to the press release.

"Basically the vibe that we're going for here is inspired by 8'0s retro-future noir," Driver said in a statement, adding the grim feel of Blade Runner as another influence. "I wanted to make a good record to put on while you drive across the desert at night under a toxic, post-apocalyptic atmosphere."

Samples from the set have yet to arrive, but you can check out the tracklisting down below. Pre-orders and other album info is apparently on the way.

Coffins on Io:

1. The Mortality of Doves
2. Offramp Cycle, Pattern 22
3. Longtime Disturbance on the Miracle Mile
4. Library Subterranean
5. The Assassination of Adam
6. Spirit Photography