Katie Moore Only Thing Worse

After listening to Katie Moore’s record, you’d think the curly-haired nymph roots herself in Alberta’s snowy forests, that she finds solace in Saskatchewan’s canola fields. But, of course, you’d be wrong. The folk/roots/alt-country princess actually calls Montreal her home, and it’s here where her dazzling jazz/cabaret undertones come into play, weaving themselves into her melancholic reflections of wide open spaces and ordinary happenings. Only Thing Worse is like wandering through Moore’s thoughts, right from her growing pains ("Getting Older”) and fears of losing innocent insight to her personal accounts of the everyday people who go unnoticed ("The Waiter”). There’s no doubting that Moore’s voice is one of a kind, a sort of angelic call in the stormy and emotional wilderness that is modern country music. If Nathan’s Keri Latimer was actually a woodland goddess, she’d sound just like Katie Moore. (Borealis)