Kate Nash "3AM" (video)

Kate Nash '3AM' (video)
UK pop singer Kate Nash has said her upcoming Girl Talk LP is "a bold, passionate and personal album," and if that's the case, the roller rink-situated vid for previously premiered single "3AM" shows that she's spent some significant time with a total dud.

It all starts off with Nash wolfing down a pint of ice cream before reminiscing about a recent beau, whom she used to circle the rink with hand-in-hand. While everything looks swell at first, with the pair playfully sharing a cup of vanilla swirl, she learns he's a layabout with a tendency to smoke in bed until the mid-afternoon.

Nash deals with the situation by caving in a cuddly teddy bear's face before cathartically tearing it apart, and giving her ex-dude his just desserts by smearing ice cream in his face at their old haunt.

You can see it all down below.

As previously reported, Nash hits up Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver on her upcoming tour schedule. You can check out the details here.