Kanye West & Jay-Z "No Church in the Wild" (video)

Kanye West & Jay-Z 'No Church in the Wild' (video)
As hinted at earlier this week, the Throne have returned with their much-anticipated new video. Yes, Kanye West and Jay-Z are back with their visuals for the Frank Ocean-equipped Watch the Throne highlight, "No Church in the Wild."

Directed by Romain Gavras (who did M.I.A.'s controversial "Born Free" clip), the video features some kind of seriously messed-up futuristic police state, complete with angry-as-hell protesters going head to head with riot police. Add in a hefty dose of police brutality, Molotov cocktails, flaming cop cars and, um, lasers and an elephant, and you have one wild set of visuals indeed.

Check out the insanity below.