Kanye West, Jay Z and Frank Ocean Slapped with $3 Million Lawsuit

BY Josiah HughesPublished Aug 28, 2014

Kanye West and Jay Z certainly put a lot of effort into making sure their 2011 LP Watch the Throne was an opulent, cinematic affair. In hindsight, however, they may have wanted to spend a little more time on sample clearance and legal fees. Following a since-settled lawsuit from Syl Johnson, they've been named in another, much larger lawsuit.

New York folk-pop musician Joel McDonald claims that the two, along with their hook-singer Frank Ocean, stole from him in a major way for their "Made in America" song. In 2009, he released a song of the same name. The artist has slapped Kanye, Jay and Frank with a lawsuit for copyright infringement, and is seeking $3 million in damages.

The song is an acoustic-led number with minimal drums and zero rapping. While it does include a "made in America," just like Ocean's chorus, it's hard to say if the songs are really all that similar. Compare them both below.

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