Kanye West Brings Out Accused Rapist Marilyn Manson at 'DONDA' Listening Party

The rapper was also joined by known homophobe DaBaby onstage
Kanye West Brings Out Accused Rapist Marilyn Manson at 'DONDA' Listening Party
Photo: Twitter (@zeinabnajm)
Kanye West held his third DONDA livestream event last night at Chicago's Soldier Field, where he performed from a replica of his childhood home. West was joined by several guests at the house, including recently disgraced rapper DaBaby and accused rapist Marilyn Manson.

The pair appeared alongside West during a song that reportedly originally featured a Jay-Z verse at another listening event in Atlanta, but now features a verse from DaBaby. All three men were seen on the porch of the DONDA house, alongside other guests. The event was likewise attended by Kim Kardashian, who wore the 2014 wedding dress she married West in under a long veil. At one point during the event, West also lit himself on fire.

UPDATE (8/27 3:33 p.m. ET): Manson's spokesperson has confirmed with People that the musician's vocals are set to appear on DONDA. "Marilyn Manson's voice is featured on Donda, and he will continue to conceptually collaborate with Ye on the Donda project," they said.

The appearance of West's guests marks an odd move for the artist, considering both men's recent controversies. Manson is currently being sued by four women who have accused him of rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, human trafficking, unlawful imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Meanwhile, DaBaby has been effectively dropped from nearly every one of his notable festival appearances this summer, after going on a homophobic rant about gay men and HIV/AIDS victims at Rolling Loud in Miami. The controversial rapper has made several attempts at apologizing, none of which were received as sincere.

All of these events are, of course, compounded by the fact that DONDA has still yet to be released.

See footage of the event below.