Kanye West "Way Too Cold" (unofficial video)

Kanye West 'Way Too Cold' (unofficial video)
Kanye West turned heads recently with his "Theraflu" single. First, PETA got up in arms about a lyric involving a mink coat, and then the makers of medicinal product Theraflu objected to the use of their product's name in the song title, forcing West to rename the tune "Way Too Cold." An unofficial video for the track has just surfaced for the song, though, suggesting that the uproar could have easily been diffused if Kanye West was a little kid.

The clip produces a pint-sized spitter dropping Yeezy's verse on the street in the company of a blonde bombshell, as a masked Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan get freaky in the background. There's some definite syrup sipping going on, too, but that kid is cutesily and convincingly miming every word (even the swears), making us melt in the process.

Have an "aw, shucks" moment this morning and check out the video below.