Kandle Delivers Her Very Own Bond Theme with "Lock & Load"

Get your first taste of the BC artist's upcoming album via her cinematic new video

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Nov 12, 2020

It's been a little bit since we heard from Kandle, but the BC artist has now returned with her new track. Called "Lock & Load," her latest single has arrived complete with a cinematic new video that's extremely Bond.

"Lock & Load" follows this summer's Stick Around and Find Out EP and is our first taste of Kandle's upcoming as-yet-untitled full-length, which is set to arrive in early 2021. The track, as well as the rest of the upcoming album, was recorded at Vancouver's Hipposonic Studios with British producer Michael Rendall, with tracking starting on March 7 as the world started to go into lockdown.

"I already had most of the songs written when I asked Michael to produce the album," said Kandle in a statement. "I wasn't sure what my plan was, having just freed myself of all contracts. All I knew was that I needed to keep making music. We first met in the studio together in London (recording 'Spell' with legendary rock producer, Youth, who Michael engineers for) and became instant friends. I asked Michael if he wanted to try and write a Bond theme song and we wrote 'Lock & Load' in about 15 minutes sending voice notes back and forth, getting giddy and excited!"
Kandle continued, "The actual recording process was magical. We approached it with a very old-school '60s mindset, capturing the band in the room with plenty of spill and imperfection. Lots of first takes and not too many overdubs." 
As for the video itself, it was directed by Brandon William Fletcher, who explained: "Your typical Bond title sequence will tease locations, themes, and plot points from the story. It was important to feel like there was a bigger story at play here, so I actually roughed out a whole film plot and character backgrounds to try and influence the visuals. We also have a lot of homages to previous title sequences. Like, a lot of them. We didn't have two hours to tell a story so relying on the visual short-hand established in previous Bond films helped give the sense of a larger world."

Watch the "Lock & Load" video below and stay tuned for more news about Kandle's upcoming album.

Kandle is inviting fans to a virtual cocktail hour tomorrow (November 13) at 8 p.m. ET, when she, Rendall and Feltcher will talk about the birth of "Lock & Load" and "all things Bond." You can attend here.

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