Kamelot The Shadow Theory

Kamelot The Shadow Theory
Kamelot have risen to the top of the symphonic power metal pile, despite belonging to a genre usually dominated by European acts. Sure, singer Tommy Karevik is Swedish, but it takes more then a hockey name to make it in the world of over-the-top symphonic power metal.
Fortunately, Kamelot have always had a knack for knowing exactly what their online fan base wants, and a dystopian concept album about an oppressive future government called The Shadow Empire sounds about right.
The Shadow Theory isn't a radical departure, but it does try to shake things up. "Ravenlight" and "Amnesiac" ditch the orchestras for a full-on riff-synth attack (unsurprising, given the album's theme). Philadelphia Flyers national anthem singer Lauren Hart shows up for guest spots on "MindFall Remedy" and "Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)," both album highlights. Tommy Karevik sounds like he's starring in his own heavy metal musical, though during "Kevlar Skin" it's hard to say if it's on Broadway or the Disney Channel.
Fans of Kamelot and the usual symphonic suspects will rightfully go nuts. New listeners may find the cheese dripping from The Shadow Theory a little hard to swallow. (Napalm)