Kalle Mattson "Hotline Bling" (Drake cover) (video)

Kalle Mattson 'Hotline Bling' (Drake cover) (video)
Drake's "Hotline Bling" single has been a force this fall, having been parodied by Tom Mulcair and Donald Trump, reinterpreted on Erykah Badu's new But You Caint Use My Phone mixtape, and no doubt streamed through all sorts of cellular devices. We may even be treated to a crossover collaboration on the track between Drake and Adele. Ahead of that, Canadian folk guy Kalle Mattson is taking a stab at the ubiquitous tune, having just offered up a rootsy cover through a new music video.

Though the signature cha-cha drum machine beat is muted, the cover adds a slight wash of ambiance and a finger-picked melody before exploding into an explosion of synth-derived sounds. Mattson generally steers away from 6 God-style croons to offer up a wispier set of lines.

Visually, we've got the guy making his way through the city, either playing an acoustic guitar against an all-white backdrop or inside a sad looking motel room.

If you want to see a more melancholy version of the song of the fall without all the bad dad dancing, you can check out Mattson's "Hotline Bling" down below.