Kaiser Chiefs Introduce "Sizeable" Fine For Missed Practices

Kaiser Chiefs Introduce 'Sizeable' Fine For Missed Practices
Of all the ways to get fined these days (vandalism, public indecency, throwing recycling out on the wrong day) who would think showing up late for band practice would earn you a yellow ticket? Apparently members of Leeds-based pop dudes Kaiser Chiefs have set a fine in place for tardiness during scheduled band practices. The hefty price to pay? A bank-breaking 20 pence (the equivalent of about 40 cents Canadian).

Front-man Ricky Wilson revealed that the band have a stern regime in order to keep a functional writing and rehearsing schedule for new songs. "Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are practice days. Then we have a long weekend,” Wilson told the BBC. "That's not geeky. We're not playing ‘Ruby’ over and over again you know, we're writing new songs. If someone's late they have to put 20p in the book, the late book."

Twenty pence if you’re late for practice? This process doesn't come across as geeky at all. No.

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