Kaiser Chiefs "Bows & Arrows"

Kaiser Chiefs 'Bows & Arrows'
We've still got several months to go until British pop-rock combo Kaiser Chiefs release Education, Education, Education & War on April 1 through ATO Records/MapleMusic Recordings, but now they've shared an album cut with "Bows & Arrows."

The track storms out of a gate with a stomping, bass-heavy surge. It swells to a soaring chorus with cinematic instrumentation and a grandiose vocal hook.

"[Bassist] Simon Rix came up with the title when we were working in a studio under the McDonalds in Islington [London]. I liked the idea that bows and arrows are pretty useless on their own but when you get them together, they can be quite formidable," frontman Ricky Wilson explained to Rolling Stone. "A bit like us lot, really. I love being in a band. It's daft to think you can do it alone. It's about not being afraid of emotion. It can be the strongest weapon we have. What's wrong with a load of blokes admitting they need each other? [It's] a sliver of hope through all the futility and loss on the record. You can also dance to it."

This follows the previously released song "Misery Company."