Justin Timberlake Says He Would "Absolutely" Work with Britney Spears Again

Justin Timberlake Says He Would 'Absolutely' Work with Britney Spears Again
Justin Timberlake hit Toronto last night (September 13) for the TIFF premiere of his Jonathan Demme-directed concert doc Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids — but he wasn't just discussing movies on the red carpet.
In a recent interview, Britney Spears revealed that Timberlake was on her list of producers she wants to work with, and at last night's premiere, E! News pitched the possibility of a collaboration to JT himself.
"She recently said she wants to collaborate with you, would you ever do it?" the reporter asked. Timberlake seemed taken aback before enthusiastically supporting the idea. "She did?" he responded. "Sure!  Absolutely, absolutely."
He blamed being the last to know about Spears' comments on having a 17-month-old kid at home. "I don't get the headline news," he laughed. "I apologize for not being in the know."
The pair of pop stars famously dated back in the early 2000s, when Timberlake and his frosted curls were still fronting NSYNC and Spears was proudly declaring her virginity. They originally met as co-stars on the set of The Mickey Mouse Club, and later collaborated on Spears' 2001 Britney track "What It's Like to Be Me."
Listen to a clip from the red carpet Q&A below, then watch the burgeoning stars duet on "I'll Take You There" on the Mickey Mouse Club and hear "What It's Like to Be Me."
While fans wait for the future musical reunion to formulate, they can cuddle up for an evening of #TimberlakeAndChill when the aforementioned concert film hits Netflix on October 12.