Jury in ​Jacob Hoggard Case Deadlocked, Told by Judge to Continue Deliberating

They have been deliberating since Tuesday but have been unable to reach a unanimous verdict

Photo: police handout

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 2, 2022

Hedley singer Jacob Hoggard's sexual assault trial reached jury deliberations this week. Now, the jury have informed the court that they are deadlocked, and the judge has ordered them to continue deliberating.

The Canadian Press reports that the jurors, who have been sequestered since Tuesday (May 31) afternoon following the lawyers' closing statements, have been deliberating for around 15 hours. They informed the court they were deadlocked on Thursday morning, meaning that they have been unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Gillian Roberts reportedly told them to continue, and to listen to one another with an open mind.

The jury are being asked to determine whether Hoggard is guilty of two counts of sexual assault causing bodily harm and one count of sexual interference (the latter referring to sexually touching someone under 16). Two women testified that Hoggard raped them in 2016; he pleaded innocent.

Since the jury have been sequestered, another sexual assault charge against Hoggard has been made public, also dating back to 2016.

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