Junior Senior Hey Hey My My Yo Yo

Junior Senior’s first record, D-D-Don’t Stop the Beat felt like a night out dancing; this one feels like a day in a children’s play room. Hey Hey… is fun, but it made me feel a little uncomfortable; between the rapping and the blindingly bright production, listening is akin getting stuck in a Japanese kid’s show. The retro ’80s backing tracks are pleasing to the ear, and the synth sweeps and handclaps are nicely utilised, but the mood is so flamboyantly happy that listening to it in public (for anyone with an ounce of self-consciousness, at least) is completely out of the question. The two Danes at the microphone come across like fun-loving despots: "give us a beat!” "clap your hands!” "listen to us!” "dance, dance, dance!” And if you’re not already in a good mood, playing the record could easily place your stereo equipment in jeopardy. Then again, it could propel an already peppy listener to unnatural levels of blitheness. If harmless, cheesy fun is your bag, then by all means, you’ll love this. Shy people, angry people, and the generally unhappy should stay the hell away. (Rykodisc)