Junior Senior Part Ways

Junior Senior Part Ways
After a decade of making music together, the Danish duo Junior Senior are hanging up their dancing shoes. Today (September 26), Jesper "Junior" Mortensen and Jeppe "Senior" Laursen announced via their MySpace page that they are going their separate ways and laying Junior Senior to rest.

The pair initially made waves back in 2003 when their movement-inducing "Move Your Feet” from their debut LP D-D-Don't Stop the Beat climbed the charts in more than 13 countries, including the U.S., Canada, the UK and their native Denmark. While Junior Senior’s follow-up Hey Hey My My Yo Yo got all the way to the No. 2 chart position in Japan, it failed to make much of a dent here in North America, mostly due to struggles with finding a U.S. label, forcing the record to come out a good two years after its initial European release. Along with the two full-lengths, the duo scattered several EPs and singles throughout their dance-filled career.

On the plus side to the break-up, both Junior and Senior have launched new projects. Mortensen has started a new band called I Scream Ice Cream, and is working on another called the Little Sisters. As for Laursen, he’s still doing his DJ thing and reportedly working on his debut album.

Here are Junior Senior’s final words, which make for a rather sweet ending:

We know it would have been a much juicier story if we hated each other and we split over big egos or something. We even thought of making a fake YouTube video of us getting into a fight at a late night party over whether we should call the next album Jumping Jack Junior or Senior Says. But we don't promote violence, kids. Just peace and good vibes all right.

We have met so many amazing people around the world, experienced so many cool things, had so many crazy good times… so many we never even dared dream of. We are so happy we made you dance....

But most importantly, though…

Thank u for dancing, coming to our shows, listening to the music, being there and going crazy. We are forever and ever ever grateful and a thank u would never be enough.

YOU made us so happy.

Junior Senior "Move Your Feet”