Junior Senior D-D-Don't Don't Stop the Beat

The formula is simple. Take two Danish men — a skinny, straight one named Junior and an overweight gay one named Senior, add uncontrollable dance beats with fantastic pop hooks, and you have the most unexpected chart toppers of 2003. Junior Senior owned Europe earlier this year with their magnificent single “Move Your Feet,” a thick slice of block party fun wrapped in a funky, indie pop package that everyone in the world could love. The fact that they have a lovable stage presence, play off each other and tap into so many different genres (hip-hop, surf, bubblegum, indie rock and dance) should make them instant sensations. The duelling vocals use a call and response system that reveals the personalities of both parties and enhances the fun chemistry between them. They’ve also managed to capture a spirit on their debut, D-D-Don’t Don’t Stop the Beat, that is rarely heard on a party album. Consistent all the way through with pogo-inducing cuts like “Shake Your Coconuts,” “Rhythm Bandits” and the sexually rampant “Chicks and Dicks,” there isn’t an off moment or any time to stop moving your feet. (Atlantic)