Junglepussy JP3

Junglepussy JP3
Junglepussy just dropped her new album JP3, on which continues to embrace herself as well as her sexuality. Referencing her last album, Pregnant with Success, Junglepussy begins by rapping "Pregnant with success / They don't want you to make it / Steady searchin' for the truth / I don't gotta chase it," on "State of the Union." Sharing her thoughts on success and still staying true to herself, that is exactly what she does for this entire album.
Produced by ShyGuy, who has helped Junglepussy mould her sound as an artist, she experiments with more melodic sounds, but has kept her roots too, such as her heavy flows and funky productions that are perfect for the club.
Junglepussy openly embraces sex positivity in her music. Tracks "Get Down (feat. Rico Love)" is pussy positive, while on "Long Way Home," GangstaBoo and Junglepussy bluntly sing "Damn that dick look thick, how many inches is it?" — a dick anthem for women (and men) who excitingly aren't shy to share their love for the male genitalia.
"I Just Want It" is a confident track that is sexually charged and in charge, telling men what she wants and flipping conventional gender roles in the process. It recalls Lil Kim's sexual empowerment — she paved the way.
Even on "Ocean Floor (feat. Wiki)," a good balance of male and female sexuality is expressed, proving that both men and women can equally be empowering in expressing themselves positively and bluntly. Not everyone is gonna be a huge fan of Junglepussy's open expression of liberated sexuality, but she stays being explicit regardless. It's a huge part of who she is. (Independent)