Julie Doiron performs "Dark Horse" (BOFF)

Julie Doiron performs 'Dark Horse' (BOFF)
Prolific Canadian songstress Julie Doiron played the first annual Bloor Ossington Folk Festival, playing over 40 minutes of material to an eager audience, whose cold bodies had all been warmed with free samples of traditional Greek liquor ouzo, courtesy of the local restaurant's owner.

Doiron herself admits to having a drink or two in this performance of "Dark Horse" from her 2007 album Woke Myself Up. Doiron's stage presence is highly amiable and approachable person — at one point Julie even sought advice with regards to "what to do with my hair."

Check out the performance of "Dark Horse" from the Bloor Ossington Folk Festival above.

Audio recorded and provided by Joe Strutt from Mechanical Forest Sound.