Julie Doiron Doubling as Yoga Instructor in Toronto

Julie Doiron Doubling as Yoga Instructor in Toronto
This week, we found out that Julie Doiron was diving headfirst into recording sessions for her next album, but it turns out that she's recently been spending time in an altogether different kind of studio, not as a musician but a yoga instructor.

An interview with BlogTO reveals that Doiron is currently heading two regular classes in her adopted hometown of Toronto, with one taking place Monday mornings at Bohemian Palace and another session later in the evening at Twisted Yoga Studio.

Doiron took up Ashtanga yoga nine years ago after stopping in for a friend's session in Montreal and apparently was initially overwhelmed, falling ill due to over-exertion, but kept up with the meditative exercise, utilizing what she learned on tour. She received her yoga teaching certificate this fall.

The BlogTO piece reveals that the musician, oftentimes painfully shy in concert, uses yoga as a therapeutic release countering the trials and tribulations of the music biz.

"Music is a way of expressing myself. While yoga is a way to ground myself and remain positive on a day when I may otherwise not be," she explained.

According to BlogTO, Doiron's classes let students work at their own pace, while the teacher takes time throughout the 75- to 90-minute sessions to focus on helping correct poses. Apparently, when the classes wind down and students relax in their shavasana formation (aka the corpse pose), Doiron walks around the room and tucks students underneath a blanket, which just might be the sweetest scenario we can imagine. Well, unless you haven't seen this video of her cracking up over cat antics.