Julee Cruise The Art of Being a Girl

If this isn’t music to suck back your martinis to, fill me full of vodka and call me cosmopolitan. The lovely Ms. Cruise, well known for vocal accompaniment to the films of David Lynch, gets groovy here with 12 lounge-inspired tracks guaranteed to go down like a shot of Sambuca. Julee’s vocals are as soft as a whisper and so breathy and ethereal that she couldn’t be more of a girl if she tried. Beats vary between standard down-tempo and the sexy flavourings of Latin rhythms, keeping the ambience at a mellow pace for the most part. The fattened-up guitar sound of acid jazz is recognisable here also, adding a bit of "hep cat” to the chill-out vibe this record perfects. Put this one on at your next party, daddy-o, and it’ll get your guests to shake, not stir. (Water)