Juicy J "One of Those Nights" (ft. the Weeknd) (video)

Juicy J 'One of Those Nights' (ft. the Weeknd) (video)
Details are still pending on bandz-stacker Juicy J's impending Stay Trippy LP, but odds are good it will feature his "One of Those Nights" collaboration with the Weeknd. In case there was any doubt, the song has now been fit with a glossy, though grim, new video clip.

Set, naturally, in a strip joint, it finds the Weeknd 'laxing with a crew of ladies, sucking back a cigar and looking un-enchanted as all hell as his inner monologue cries out to be lifted from the club. His ennui gets no better once a pantyhose-adorned robber shakes up the place and lets the bullets fly.

J stops by for a minute to spit on his own track, but the Weeknd's bum-out takes the cake this time around. You can see the somewhat NSFW video down below.