​Judge Rules Kesha's Texts to Lady Gaga Defamatory

The singer texted Lady Gaga alleging Dr. Luke raped Katy Perry
​Judge Rules Kesha's Texts to Lady Gaga Defamatory
Photo: Stephen McGill
A New York State Supreme Court judge has ruled that text messages sent to Lady Gaga by Kesha were defamatory.
The ruling is part of the long-running legal battle between Kesha and producer Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald.
The texts in question saw Kesha telling Lady Gaga that Katy Perry had been raped by Gottwald.
The judge noted that Perry herself had denied the allegations and that there was no evidence to support the claim.
"Publication of a false statement to even one person, here Lady Gaga, is sufficient to impose liability," the judge wrote in her ruling.
She also ruled that Kesha was in breach of contract to Gottwald's company KMI for late royalty payments. The judge ordered Kesha to pay him $374,000 USD in interest.
Kesha's legal team intend to appeal the ruling.
Kesha initially accused Dr. Luke of sexual, physical and emotional abuse in 2014. The producer countersued for defamation.